dhatu kavya of narAyana bhattatiri

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There are atleast few books on the subject -- for instance --


You must be able to get it by ILL or looking at records, order it from


--- Vaidya Sundaram <vaidya_sundaram at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Namaskaram.
>  In the introduction to the naaraayaneeyam of Shri Narayana
> Bahttatiri, the
> commentator mentions that he was also a great scholar and grammarian.
> One of
> his works of great poetry (apart from the naaraayaneeyam ofcourse),
> was
> another work called Dhatu Kavya in which the author is said to have
> expounded the rules of grammar and dhatu's in a kavya on Shri
> Krishna,
> making it easy for all to remember the words/phrases etc. and also
> have a
> rich devotional experience at the same time!!
>  If anyone is aware of any copy of this being available for sale, I
> would be
> grateful. Thanks.
> bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
> Vaidya.

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