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>  In the
> bhashya on another sutra which unfortunately I can't give you a reference
> right now, which discusses certain jivanamuktas who were reborn, he quotes
> examples from Itihasa-Puranas such as the story of how Apantarasa Gautama
> became Veda Vyasa.

It is 3.3.32, yAvadadhikAramavasthitiradhikArikANAM |

"Until the office is fulfilled embodiment for those with an office."

The opponent asks if jnana causes mukti from sansara then why is it that
we hear of jnanis who were born again.  For example Apantaratama (I made a
typo in the previous post) Gautama is a synonym for Dirghatama Gautama who
is listed as the Rshi of Ishopanishad.  Obviously a jnani.  In the
Mahabharata it says he was reborn as Veda Vyasa.  Why?

Those who have a cosmic "job" to fulfill may again take up a body in order
to fulfill its' mission.  For Veda Vyasa it was dividing the Vedas and
writing the Mahabharata and Puranas.  But he was not afflicted by avidya
even when he took up the new body.  Shankaracharya says this is comparable
to a Jivanmukta remaining free from avidya after jnana despite remaining

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