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You posted some detailed notes on the matrika which I
have only recently been able to access.  Thank you for
these.  I am summarising a book on Kashmiri Shaivism,
for my own research, by Lakshmana Joo and will put it
below in case anyone may be interested. I had sent
this privately to Shrinivas but it may be of interest
to others on this site; I hope that it is not out of
accord with the moderators though.
I have had to correct some of it as in the printing of
the book there is a major error in one section.  I
have collated here the chapters on the Tattvas and the

I hope that it is of use,

ken Knight

ps. I notice that my marking font for the Sanskrit is
not coming out well when copied here.  The relevant
book is very cheap...'Kashmiri Shaivism: The Secret
Supreme' published by SUNY 1988. If anyone is
interested in picking this thread up and cannot make
sense of the transliteration I will be happy to answer
any query away from this site.
Sorry if it is too confusing.

Maatrrikaacakra  :  The theory of the alphabet

Lord SZiva, the reflector of this whole universe, is
full of five energies noted here with the letters from
the anuttara 'a' to the visarga 'hh':

cit szakti: the energy of consciousness
anaanda szakti: the energy of bliss
         aa       these are inseparable, unmanifest

icchaa szakti: the energy of will
            i   residing peacefully in its own nature

                          i  remains residing in Its
own bliss but is

                              agitated will ( this is
not desire)

#jn[aana szakti: the energy of knowledge
      u   unmesza..the universal existence is about to

                              begin. There is
apprehension ( uunataa )  in

                              Lord SZiva's
consciousness that if movement

                              begins there will be a
loosening of 'my own


                         uu  the apprehension (
uunataa )  that his cit szakti

                              may be decreased keeps
Lord SZiva at a



                         rri     the state wherein
Lord SZiva  has rejected
 the universe and is residing in his own

                       lrri     nature.

                                   These four vowels
are called amrita bija,

                                   residing in his own
bliss. The state of

                                   Lord SZiva which
these represent is

                                   known as
anaasrszrita  sziva

kriyaa szakti: the energy of action
       e   As cit szakti and anaanda szakti are at
rest there

                      ai      can be no apprehension,
but in contact with

                                icchaa szakti e and ai
are produced. These are

                               asphutta kriyaa szakti,
not vivid

                         o         cit szakti and
anaanda szakti  in contact with

                       au          jn[aana szakti they
produce o and

this contact produces au.

                                    These are
sphuttatara kriyaa szakti (more

                                     vivid) and
sphuttatama kriyaa szakti ( most

                                     vivid).  Although
this universe is

                                    reflected in His
total energy it takes

                                    place primarily in
the letter au.

Although the whole universe has been created He
remains unchanged, full of consciousness and bliss.
Nothing has happened; He is only residing in his own
point. This is represented by the anusvaara 'm'm .
The reflection of this universe is represented by the
visarga 'hh' which in devanaagari script takes the
form of the colon ':' and the two points represent the
sziva and szakti bindus.

The remainder of the alphabet is the szakti tattva
which is the reflection of the sziva tattva. All this
universe is a reflection of His svaatantrya.  If this
universe is not created but a reflection how then is
each letter produced. In each of the five above
szaktis  all five are present but only one dominates.
Hence there are 5x5=25 energies and these are the
first twenty five tattvas from prrithvi to purusxa.

As the creation is a reflection the letters appear 'in
reverse'. Hence:


Produced by cit szakti and aananda szakti, which are
one, mixed with the five energies.

                                  dominant  szakti
nm                                     aakaasza
(ether)                                    cit szakti
gha                                 vaayu    (air)
                                  anaanda szakti
ga                                   agni    (fire)
                                   icchaa szakti
kha                                 jala     (water)
                                 jn[aana szakti
ka                                   prrithvi ((earth)
                                  kriyaa szakti


Produced by ichhaa szakti mixed with the five energies

n[aa                   szabda  (sound)
          cit szakti
jha                                 sparsza  (touch)
                               anaanda szakti
ja                                   ruupa     (form)
                                 icchaa szakti
cha                                rasa      (taste)
                                jn[aana szakti
ca                                  gandha (smell)
                             kriyaa szakti


produced by anaszrritasziva in conjunction with the
five energies

n-a                    vaak  (speech)
                 cit szakti
d-ha                          paani  (organ of action)
                    anaanda szakti
d-a                           paada  (organ of
locomotion)            icchaa szakti
t-ha                                   paayu  (organ
of excretion)               jn[aana szakti
t-a                                     upastha (organ
of sex)                     kriyaa szakti


produced by anaszrritasziva in conjunction with the
five energies

na                                   szrotra  (organ
of hearing)                   cit szakti
dha                                 tvak     (organ of
touch)                     anaanda szakti
da                                   caks-u   (organ
of sight)                      icchaa szakti
tha                                  rasanaa ((organ
of taste)                       jn[aana szakti
ta                                    ghraana (organ
of smell)                      kriyaa szakti


produced by jn[aana szakti in conjunction with the
five energies

ma                                 purus-a (limited
self)                             cit szakti
bha                                prakriti (nature)
                                 anaanda szakti
ba                                  ahammkaara
(((egoity)                               icchaa szakti
pha                                buddhi
(intellect)                                jn[aana
pa                                  manas    (mind)
                                 kriyaa szakti

sxat- kan[cukas

The six internal states of purus-a are reduced to four
by combining niyati with raaga and kaala with kalaa.
The resulting four limitations correspond with the

ya                               kaala with kalaa
limitations of time and creativity
ra                               vidya
 limitation of knowledge
la                               niyati with raaga
limitations of space and attachment
va                              maayaa
 self ignorance and objectivity

It cannot be said that these limitations are created
by the energies of Lord SZiva as they represent the
state of purus-a internally.  They are called
antah-stha because they reside inside purus-a, one's
own limited self.

szuddha tattvas

Neither are these limitations created by the energies
of Lord SZiva but they are the swelling of the heat of
His own nature.

sza                      szuddhavidyaa
ahamm-aham / idamm- idamm
sxa                      iszvara
 idamm - aham
sa                      sadaasziva
ahamm - idamm
ha                     szakti

These four letters are called uusxma which means 'the
heat of His own nature.  They are the expansion of the
state of unlimited Being and as such are attached to
the unlimited state of purus-a
which is the expansion of unlimited being.

The anusvaara 'mm' indicates that this whole
pratyaahaara, which is contained in the letters of 'a'
to 'ha', and which has produced the 118 worlds, the 36
elements and the 5 circles ( kalaas ) has in reality
created nothing.' The difference between szakti
pratyaahaara  and SZiva pratyaahaara is that in the
former two szaktis combine together and create a world
of their own.

There are three visargas detailed in the system of the

Szaambhava visarga:  this exists at anaanda szakti
and is represented by the letter 'aa'. The mode of
                                this  visarga is said
to be cittapralayaH which means the state where the
                               does not function,
where only thoughtlessness exists.  This is a
                               flow also known a
paravisarga, the supreme visarga concerened with

SZakta visarga:  Also called the parapara visarga, the
middle visarga represented by the 'hh'
                        (visargahh) .  Its mode is
cittasammbodha which indicates the state where
                        awareness is maintained in

AAn-ava visarga: Also known as aparavisargahh, the
lower visarga.  It is attributed to the letter 'ha'
and is the visarga of the individual (narah-). The
mode of this visarga is cittaviszraantih- which is
where the mind rests, is stable, in concentration.

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