Can one realise the Brahman by intellect alone?

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Mon Jul 22 07:04:48 CDT 2002

> But my question still remains, "Can one realise the
> Brahman by intellect
> alone?".
> Yours sincerely
> Jagannath.

Brahman being infinite and means being finite - 'no
means' is valid for realization of ever-existing and
self-luminous Brahman.  Any means is only a pointer in
the direction.  Since ignorance is the root cause for
the problem - knowledge can only be antidote for
ignorance - Both get eliminated in the realization -
kR^itvaa j~naanam swayam nasyet, jalam kaTaka renu
vat' says Bhagavaan Shankara.  One cannot
intellectually deduce Brahman but intellect is
required for vichaara or inquiry into the nature of
the Brhman - Tat vij~naasasva - Brahman has be
inquired.  Using intellect one has to go beyond the
intellect. That happens once the mind and intellect
are ready. It is not purusha tantram but vastu
tantra-like any knowledge.  A graceful way saying this
is it is only by the grace of God one realizes.

Hari OM!

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