Samadhi (Was Re: "Jagat satya!")

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Sat Jul 27 16:34:52 CDT 2002

--- Prakash Babu <prakashbabu99 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Hi,
>  Iam new to the subject matter of advaita. And hence
> i want to clear my basic fundamentals..
> As far as iam aware 'Samadhi' is a state of
> communion with the self. In that state u lose all
> consiouness of the outside world. But the sentence
> in the explanation:
> >> "...Involution in a conscious or wakeful state is
> called samadhi...."
> contradicts it. Is it in "samadhi"  consiousness is
> present, if not what is meant by "consiousness".

I'm not sure what the contradiction is.

Mukti is obtained only when the mind is completely
destroyed (manonAsha). In that highest state, there is
no "inside" or "outside".

In kevala nirvikalpa samadhi, there is communion with
the Self, but the mind is alive, which means that the
world exists in the seed state and can be drawn out

> thanks
> babu

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