advaita lifestyle.

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Sir - any sadhana is at dvaita level - karma, bhakti
and j~naa are the means for purification of the mind.
When the mind is pure, the advaita teaching will make
sense as one can 'see' the truth as clearly as one can
see a fruit in ones palm.

Life style of a speritual seeker is - Karma yoga -
involve yourslef in self-less activities - Bhakti yoga
- have devotion with the recognition that Lord
pervades chara and achara - movable and immovables.
and j`naana yoga- contemplate or meditate on the
truth.  All involve one form or action at the body,
mind and intellect levels.  When the mind is pure then
the advaitic  teaching of tat tvam asi will make clear

Other than that there is no 'adviatic life style' and
it is contradiction in terms.

Hari OM!

--- gaurav goel <grvgl at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> Pranam, Respecte members.
> i want to know what is Advaita Lifestyle. If it is
> there, are we required to follow it like other ways
> of
> life like yoga etc.. Are there strict rules for diet
> etc.? If theses are there then why so? Should we not
> avoid making choices of any sort including this one.
> If there is no such lifestyle then it poses the
> danger
> of forgetting the advaita way of thinking (which may
> get reminded in day to day rituals) etc. etc.
> I am confused. Please clear this doubt. Please let
> me
> know how to get affirmed in the advaita thought
> process?
> with regards,
> Gaurav Goel
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