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Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jul 29 17:55:01 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

Any way the ISKCON followers have done enough harm in
the name of their spiritual philosophy. (leaving aside
who is right or who is wrong)

While, I personally, like their fervant appeal to
devotion, (which can cure human imperfections, remove
egotistic tendencies, and lead to better mode of
living) to which Advaita is not against, their
inability to treat others' viewes with respect,
(whether it be right or wrong) is itself a greater
harm to the society.

The following lines at the end of the referred e-mail
posting is interesting:

"After Acharya
Shankara  established  the  position  of  the  Vedic
Scriptures  as the highest
authority,  Madhvacharya  established  the  point
that  the  living  entity  is
different from the Super Soul. Later, Lord Chaitanya
revealed the complete Truth
by  way  of His achinthya bedhabedha tattva that, the
two are simultaneously and
inconceivably   one   as  well  as  different.  This
means  that  the  two  are
quantitatively different though they are qualitatively

Specially the lat sentence, "This  means  that  the
two  are
quantitatively different though they are qualitatively

This sounds more Advaitic to me.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- Ashish Chandra <ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 15:40:26 -0400, Subrahmanian,
> Sundararaman V [IT]
> <sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM> wrote:
> >Dear Sri Ashish Chandra,
> >
> >When you get a chance can you post on Padma
> Purana's argument against
> >advaita.  I have not read Padma Purana.  Your
> posting will be very
> >educative.  When you have time...
> >
> >Regards,
> >SVS
> >
> I was only commenting on the historicity, and the
> intensity, of Gaudiya
> Vaishnavite opposition to Advaita philosophy. He
> noted that they have only
> been fierce in their opposition in the 20th century.
> To that I have said
> that the Padma Puran, which they quote, was not
> written by Sri Prabhupada.
> You can check some of their arguments in this email
> by Bhasker.
> http://www.escribe.com/religion/advaita/m7696.html
> ashish

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