advaita lifestyle.

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I do not have an answer to your question.  Who are anashramiis by the way?

If one has a varna then the ashrama dharma should be applicable to them.
If one is a jnaani then the rules of (varna + ashrama) are not binding.

By the way the full sequence of authorities that one should consult in
deciding the right course of action is (as per traditional view):

1. shruti
2. smR^iti
3. puraaNaas
4. shiShThaachaara (conduct of wise/elders of a tradition)
5. one's own conscience

In traditional view point the order above matters.  The preceding ones have
higher authority than the later ones.  Many have a grouse against putting
conscience at the end.  Please read the book "Hindu dharma" by Sri
Chandrashekarendra Sarasvati of Kanchi piiTham.  In that He has cogently
argued as to why this sequence is what it should be.


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Dear Subrahmanianji,


> One has to study the shruti, smR^iti to know
> what is the life style
> that is pertinent to one's station in life (varna +
> ashrama).

Thank you for your post which was very informative and
educative. While your quotes talk of "life style that
is pertinent to ones station in life (varna +
ashrama), what do you have to say about anashramis?



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