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On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Erik Mossel wrote:

> 1 - Do I have to understand "Du" as a "pratyahara"-term which has to be read
> from the "aiuN, Rlr.k, ...," sutras?

"it"s or symbolic prefixes and affixes are used throughout Vyakarana and
the pratyaharas are just a certain group of them.  Du means there is to be
guna of a short vowel when followed by rakara (or akara if there is no
vowel like in this case.) Also on reviewing the siddhanta kaumudi, it
seems I made a mistake by saying it is only for nouns based on kr used
instrumentally. it applies to verbal formations too.

> 2 - About the verb "kr~n", shouldn't it be transcribed as "kR" (to do) or is
> my email program the cause of a misspelling?

The verb is indeed kr.  ~n is another it which explains formations such as
kurute, kurvanti etc.

> Perhaps you can guide me to the relevant sutra of Panini.

It is not actually part of the sutrapATha but belongs to the dhAtupaTha
(in tanAdi gaNa.) It is number 1473 according to the order in the
Siddhanta Kaumudi.

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