Question about Varna

Ravisankar Mayavaram miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 6 18:14:06 CST 2002

Even though this question comes back again and again (not just in this
list), there is a positive side to it. It makes one think -- am I a
brahmaNa or not? Why should I become one? and What should I do to become

>From a spiritual standpoint and for spiritual growth, at an individual
level, it should not be taken  as something that is gained by birth -- but
strive for the ideals behind it.  The question is best posed when we
ask, "Am I a brahmaNa?" instead of "who is a brahmaNa?"


antaNar enbOr aRavOr maRRevuyirkkum
centaNmai puuNDozugalaan

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