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Ravisankar S. Mayavaram miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Fri Mar 8 20:05:45 CST 2002

--- Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati <swamij at SWAMIJ.COM> wrote:
> > The difference is in the viewpoint.  From the
> > paramarthic viewpoint
> > of the jnani there is only Brahman.  No further
> > difference is
> > necesary or even possible.
> When a person of the paramarthic viewpoint is hungry,
> what does he do?

Your question is incorrect. At the level of paramArtha, concepts such
as hunger do not exist. Because it is non-dual.

My understanding is this:

Once a person attains j~nAna - (s)he is no longer there. Because there
is no trace of individuality there. His body however has to exist
because of the pararabda. And jaganmAtA uses that body as SHE sees fit.
SHE often uses it for teaching and helping others.

>From the point of view of ajnAni-s, some jnAni-s  go around teaching,
some are silent, some do not move from a place, some beg for food, some
eat what they get and so on. Whatever they do -- most devout ajnAni-s
do not distinguish them from God (they have that much knowledge). (For
H.B. Daveji - to put a scale on jnAni-s  such as those are silent are
superior than those talk etc has no basis -- it is regretful that even
vivekananda does that).

(I did not follow the thread - since your message so terse I could not
resist jumping in)

With respects,

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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