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Tue Mar 12 01:37:39 CST 2002

Om Namah Sivaya. I joined the group recently, so i
don't have full info about the discussion, but the
grades or scales of Jnanis attracted my attention and
triggered theis response.

Sri Dakshina Murthy is the Deity who chooses the
'silence' as a method of imparting jnana to His
disciples. All other forms of Deities and Sadgurus,
meditate so that they may establish contact with the
infinite. When they need to impart this experience to
their Sishyas, they choose different methods,
depending upon the level of the sishya.

Thus Sri Sankara came with a specific purpose of
teaching ordinary people like us and so had to speak
verbally and or dictate to his disciples so that the
message is preserved for posterity.

Real Jnana has to be experienced and experience has no
words. However, to encourage Sadhakas on the path and
to help them to choose the path suited to them, the
Guru explains verbally His experiences. His Jnana is
certainly not reduced by that.

And for those of you who are familiar to binary
system, Ajnana and Jnana are like those two states,
either I am a Jnanai or I am not.

Para Bhakti is not better than Jnana. It is a
different path. It is possible for a Sadhaka to be on
the path of Bhakti to minimise his ego, so that he can
continue to gain true Jnana without getting puffed up
with pride. Similarly it is possible for a student of
Jnana Marga to develop intense love or Bhakti to the
aspects of the Self, which he still perceives outside
his limited self. I hope I am clear.

I hope we are not deviating from the goals of the
group. thanks for your patience.

Venkateswara Swamy Swarna
(Spiritual Sadhaka)

--- Hemant <reachhemant at ETH.NET> wrote:
> Sri Ravishankar has clarified his stand. I wish to
> add my own understanding of the matter. For a
> particular assertion to qualify as authentically
> advaitic it has to be either logically compelling or
> backed up by canonical evidence. Since Daveji's
> ideas appear to be his own I will go only into the
> logical aspect of the matter. Daveji arranges jnanis
> in a scale. In highest scale he puts those who
> choose to keep silent. From this I with my coarse
> intellect concluded that Sankara cannot be placed in
> the highest category.This however had the effect of
> creating a storm in a teacup. It was suggested that
> I was insinuating an Olympics of realization which
> was sacrilege. If however there is no such Olympics
> then Daveji's origanal assertion is absurd on the
> face of it. Sri Ravishankar's idea that
> post-realisation, the jnAni's behaviour  depends on
> how the World-Mother chooses to work out his
> prArabdha karma appears simple and logically
> satisfactory to me.
>               There are some(Kenji) who believe that
> a mere jnAni  is inferior to the practitioner of
> para bhakti a la Papa Ramdas. This if  some wise man
> could clarify I would be most obliged.
>              Your's truly,
>                 Hemant

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