mahA shiva rAtri

Ravisankar Mayavaram miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Tue Mar 12 18:27:41 CST 2002


1) You wil find the temple contact information at

You can probably call them and ask for the calendar or panchanga.  Calendar
besides the information --  has beautiful pictures.

2) Anand Hudli wrote a series on computing tithi, vAra, etc. You will find
more details on panchanga computation. He is an expert in this field. Even
though I have learned a little bit from him and others, I will better keep
silence rather than displaying my ignorance. Please refer to his post. He
is a great scholar.

3) Regarding shiva rAtri---my opinion---intention is more important than
the actual date. It is OK if you do it according to the panchanga printed
for India. Lord sees only the intention -- think of the verse mArga vartita
in shivAnandalahari (i wrote something on it with a title "bhaktiH kim na
karoti"). From the point of view of learning, it is better to know on what
basis the day is determined.

4) Probably, in a list like this, we should send out advance reminders. Who
will bell the cat?


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