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Hemant wrote:

> Many thanks to Sri Ravishankar Mayavaram for pointing out that the
> ideas of H.B.Dave regarding Paramahansas were not authentic advaitic
> teaching.                         with best
> regards,                                        Hemant

Vidyaranya Swami, in his Panchadasi says :
(translation by Swami Swahananda )

in Truptidiipa [VII-254, 257]

tadetatk.rtak.rtyatva.m pratiyogipu.hrasaram |
anusa.mdadhadevaayameva.m t.rpyati nitya"sa.h || [254]

The Jivanmukta always feels Supreme Self-satisfaction by
constantly keeping in view his former state and present state
of freedom from wants and duties.

vyaacak.sataa.m te " vedaanadhyaapayantu vaa |
ye .a me tu naadhikaaro .a kriyatvata.h || [257]

Let those who are entitled to it, explain scriptures or teach Vedas.
I am not so entitled because all my actions have ceased.

-- Himanshu (i.e. HBDave)

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