Manifestations as Maya

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--- "Bell, Gregg" <jbell3 at CBA.UA.EDU> wrote:
> So it is I who creates maya, correct?
> Then am I the only person in the world? Are these
> responses and the people
> who send them maya?

Bell Gregg - please think deeply.  You can see
yourself the problems in your questions - If you know
you are the one only person in the world then the next
qestion does not arise.
Hence there is difference in 'understanding as a
thought' versus 'understanding as a fact'. Hence it is
called vij~naanam - that understanding supported by
experience rather than j~naanam - just intellectual
understanding. That indeed is manifestation of maaya!

> ***
> Please note - I am not being flippant here and I
> hope not to offend anyone.

If you are offending you are offending yourself since
there is nothing otherthan yourself - so donot worry>

> I am simply trying to pose succinct questions in
> order to extract answer
> that will most help me.

Now you are back to duality.  Most of the confusion
arises when we keep one leg in the absolute reality
and other leg in the transactional reality and ask
questions one in relation to the other.  We need to
make sure from what reference the discussion is being
made. If that is clear all the questions will resolve

Hari OM1
> Gregg

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