Vichar Sagar - Mahatma Nishchaladas

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Thu Mar 21 01:15:22 CST 2002

I have found the book
"Shri Vichara Sagara"
by Mahatma Nishchaladasaji

very useful for understanding various prakriyas of Vedanta.
I use a Gujarati translation and was trying to find if an
Engish translation is avilable. After some search I found as follows :

Lala Shreeram :
"Vichar Sagar - The Metaphysics of the Upanishads, translated"
H. Dhole, Calcutta, 1885 404 pages.

Further serach on Google gave me this :

 92. Vicharsagar The metaphysics of Upanisada

      CODE: IHD84
      AUTHOR: Lala Shreeram
      PUBLISHER: Munshiram Manoharlal
      EDITION: 1994
      ISBN: 21506549
      PRINTED PAGES: 448
      SIZE: 150 x 190 mm
$ 30.00

    at :
    The Metaphysics of the Upanisads

    By Lala Shreeram
    Dec. 1994
    Munshiram Publishers
    ISBN: 81-215-0654-9
    448 p.
    $42.50 Cloth
This may be available in India at much lower price,
I shall be on lookout.

I thought list members may be interested.

-- Himanshu

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