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Hari Om !!

I saw some posting in the Advaitin list that 'Vivekachoodamani' is not
Sankara's composition and it is a 16 th century text. I saw another post
claiming that 'Aparoksha Anubhuti' is also not a Sankara composition.

In the light of such comment, I would seek your comments on the
authenticity of these statement. What are the known facts about their

In addition which other compositions of Sankara are not disputed (say
Tattva Bodha or Atma Bodha)

Also, does it mean that without the help of Vivarna and Bhamati schools
addition, Sankara's compositions do not clearly state the Advaitic
thought ? How could not have Sankara foreseen such objections ?

Om Namo Narayanaya !!

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On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Bell, Gregg wrote:

> So it is I who creates maya, correct?

At one level yes.  Advaita Vedanta in general rejects the idea that "it's
all in your head" because the phenomena of the world are suspiciously too
similiar to different observers.  Why does every member of this list see
the sky as blue?  if it is just our imagination than you should see it as
pink, I as green etc.  But there seems to be something out there which
we all perceive as the same in its' major details.  So Maya in one sense
"belongs" to God.  Through His (apparent) creative and destructive powers,
He causes the world-appearence.  You often read the term Maya used in this
sense in later Vedantic works.  But in another sense Maya belongs to the
individual soul.  You do perceive things differently from others and it is
your errors of perception that lead to misunderstanding.  So both forms of
Maya have to be conquerored for Moksha.

> Then am I the only person in the world?

In the world of Maya there are many people.  In the world of Brahman there
are 0. :)

> Are these responses and the people
> who send them maya?


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