Prakarana Granthas of Adi Sankara

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> > Hari Om !!
> >
> > I saw some posting in the Advaitin list that
> > 'Vivekachoodamani' is not
> > Sankara's composition and it is a 16 th century
> > text. I saw another post
> > claiming that 'Aparoksha Anubhuti' is also not a
> > Sankara composition.
> >
> > In the light of such comment, I would seek your
> > comments on the
> > authenticity of these statement. What are the
> known
> > facts about their
> > authorship.
> Namaste All,
> The following is my opinion only and at best to be
> placed alongside the valid researches of the
> scholars.
> So, while we may justly seek the latest authority on
> authorship and some linear, historical progress
> report
> in order to loosen some of the superficial
> superimpositions of our own ignorance, it is our own
> experience of Truth in the moment now that is of
> ultimate value.
> Again, this is just my opinion,
> Ken Knight

Hari Om !!

It is true that personal experience is the best
authenticity. But for a beginner, unless directed into
a theory/theology which is complete and consistent,
and explains and resolves all the possible doubts
which hinder progress, this short life span will be

It is here that authenticity is essential. For many of
us, the initial enthusiasm and motivation is provided
by the great sees of our past. Their words are the
sign posts. If such words of significance are
mis-represented and pushed down the throat, we would
end up no where. Once an idea is intellectually
accepted, there is no way to see the Truth, which may
be otherwise.

For an Advaitic seeker Sri Sankara is the source to
refer to. If in due course of time others have
incorported their thoughts into his writings knowingly
and unknowlingly, the present day seeker is at a great

This has been particularly bothering me. I seem to
spend significant amount of time reading several books
from different authors in an attempt to seek answers
to my questions, and define the path for myself. But,
I am failing because of lack of clarity in what I am
seeking and its validity of it. I know there is the
'Truth', but the explanations of several authors are
not making me 'doubtless' on the path.

At this point of time as I decide to study Sankara's
presentation of Advaita, I should be clear of what he
really said. My personal experience comes later.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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