Advaita : Some Basic Explanations - 6

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> > Advaita : Some Basic Explanations - 6 (Brain)
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> Himanshu
> In my past potings I have used the word "brain" to
> denote
> the activity that takes place in the physical brain
> of a
> person. We are not concerned very much about the raw
> or
> anatomical brain (though everything takes place
> there), but
> more with the *logical*, i.e., working aspect, the
> actions
> of its various components and their results. In
> other words,
> when we say "brain", what is meant (in these
> postings) is the
> functional brain, what the brain is doing.

While the posting makes an interesting reading, I am
afraid that what has been taught in the Vedanta
regarding MIND as subtler than Gross body is deviated
in your posting, by referring it as "Brain activity".
even if were to accept these views, it still does not
explain the sub-conscious and un-conscious MIND rather
Vasana/Samskara theory which shape even our thoughts.
We might study the brain waves and pulses under
certain thought conditions, but the reason for these
thoughts is not explained by this "brain activity".

Similarly, your definition of "Brain Activity" +
Reflection of consciousness theory does not seem to
fit the model of Ahamkara. Is there a location for
Ahamkara for your EEG therory and study ? I am afraid
that you are comparing things of two different realms
here. How can I compare essence with the bulk ?

Or do we redefine our model of Pancha Kosas as
increasingly subtle ?

Please comment.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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