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Why does every member of this list see
the sky as blue? if it is just our imagination than you should see it as
pink, I as green etc. But there seems to be something out there which
we all perceive as the same in its' major details


This brings us to a very interesting observation that:

In the Vyavahaarika State every body sees the things around them very much in the same way without exception unless there is some defect in their instrument of cognition.

In Dream state however, each member  i.e. Jiva  sees different things differently and no two jivas dream up the same thing atall in their respective dreams!!

In this context, a few days back, I had the opportunity to have satsang with a shastriji who follows the tradition of Shankara and when I posed this point to him, he responded with a question to me and asked me to do vichara on the same.

The question is as follows and I submit the same to our members for their considered reactions which will be to my benefit in my  own pursuitof the same:

The subject of discussion is about the "JAGRUT AVASTHAA" and the  "SWAPNA AVASTHAA" .The Question is:

 "Is Kaala (Time) included in any Avastha or is Avastha included in the Kaala?

Shall be grateful for your reactions.

Hari Om!



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