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Dear members,
  kAla has to be in avastha since time is illusive.

> Each avastha has its own kAlamAna and each kAlamAna is 
> independent of the other avastha.

  We can go one step further and say kAlamAna is not
same even in a given avastha. "Happy times are shorter
than sad times (in perception)".

  With regards to the topic on dreams, I generally tend 
to think people don't dream up a whole life term during 
a night's sleep... like Yoga Vasishta describes in some 
instances. Generally we dream of a few encounters. Our 
age and perceptions don't change in dreams. Our fears 
and other frailties might magnify during dreams. But it 
would be interesting to know if anyone possibly dreams 
up going through birth, growing up as somebody, leading 
family, dying and again taking birth and so on.
  Usually I have heard that dreams are mind's work (sort 
of an imagination process in sub-conscious state). But 
usually when mind works (in waking state), there is an 
awareness that we are in control of the imagination 
sequence.. But my experience with dreams (:)) tells me 
that the sequence of events in the dream go as automaton 
without our volition. It seems to be occurring like events 
happening in *waking state* which is not in our control. 
There seems to be an imperceptible zombie behind this 
(different from mind or a different form of mind).
  Any useful comments?


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> > Kindly elaborate on the term kAlamAna.
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> > In my view, it is obvious that kAla is included in the 
> avastha, rather
> > than avastha is included in the kAla.
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> > Each avastha has its own kAlamAna and each kAlamAna is 
> independent of
> > the other avastha.
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> namaste.
> What I mean by kAlamAna is a measure of time. What I meant by the
> above was: The jAgrat avastha has its own scale of time. The svapna
> avastha has its own time-scale. A five-minute dream (in the wake-up
> time scale) my span a full life-time during the dream time-scale.
> The wake-up time scale disappears during the dream and the dream
> time-scale disappears during the wake-up state. Thus, I would take
> it that the kAla, the time, is included in the avastha.
> Regards
> Gummuluru Murthy
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