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>I am interested in the etymology of vRtra. The suffix tra means protection.
>gaayatri is one who sings and protects. Just a speculation, extending this
>logic vRtra may be one who encircles and protects. Any help is welcome.


First we need to consider how we split vRtra:
vRtra = vR + tra, OR
vRtra = vRt + ra,

(Rt = law of nature)

I am not sure which is the correct split and
more important how to analyze the coppesponding


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KumbakONam (Tamil Nadu) RAjA Patashala is one that I know of, in addition to Kanchipuram and Sringeri Sankara Matams. I'll try to collect some more information on KumbakONam Patashala and pass on.

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002 15:20:24
 Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:
>Hari Om !!
>I am considering sending my son who will be completing his 8 th year in Feb
>2003, to a Veda Pathasala after his Upanayanam. I am in search of a Veda
>Pathasala in India where there is opportunity for modern education. Do any
>of you know such places ?
>I came across the following web links to a pathasala organised by  Kanchi
>Mata in Kilambakkam village near Chennai. Web link references are given
>below. But, I do not know any thing about the quality of CBSE school
>there. Looks like, the CBSE school is a Sankara vidyalaya. I do not know
>how good the facilities are in the CBSE school or even the Veda pathasala.
>Obviously these are concerns to me. My son has been in US since he was 2
>months. I am concerned that the style and care should not affect his well
>My mother tongue is Telugu (though my son does not know enough Telugu,
>unfortunately), and this school is in a Tamil area. As such I would prefer
>where there is more Telugu, though it is not the first criterion.
>Some one told me that the Veda Vidyarthis in the Tirumala Tirupati
>Devasthanam (TTD) Vedapathasala are not cared for till 10 AM until the Veda
>teacher comes there, and after he leaves after 5 PM. The very young kids of
>5 to 7 years are on their own struggling to wash their clothes, and other
>cleaning etc. They do not seem to have any other modern education. This is
>what I am precisely interested in avoiding.
>Do you have knowlege of veda pathasala in Sringeri ?
>Do any of you have personal level knowledge of these institutes ? Or would
>you have friends and relatives who can give first hand information. I would
>highly appreciate any information. The time left for me is very less.
>Om Namo Narayanaya !!

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