antiquity of Aryans and Vedas

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 As interesting as this topic may be for all, I would like to step in here
as a moderator and request that this topic NOT be taken up for discussion. I
feel this is strongly outside the scope of this list. I have had a lot of
discussion on this topic on other forums and I know for sure that there is
no changing of opinions here and will distract the focus of this list.
I hope other list members and moderators agree.


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Subject: antiquity of Aryans and Vedas

> First of all,
> Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a very Prosperous New Year !
> I would like to have comments from the learned gathering about
> the attached articles. These are downloaded from the internet
> and describe the antiquity of Aryans, Vedas, and
> contradict the migration theory of Aryans into India !
> (See attached file:
> thanks - Sarin Rajesh

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