Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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This is a very good point.  It might be true that Sri NM speaks the highest
Truth (I have read parts of the book).  It might also be true that it is
exactly what Vedanta says.  But the drawback of such works (these and other
neo-vedantic works) is:

They give only the final teaching.  They do not give a systematic
methodology of thinking and practice that lead a person from step to step.
Since 99% of the saadhakas are at Step 101, it automatically erodes the
versatile use of the book in spiritual development.  They can certainly
inspire but have limited educative value atleast to beginners.

Also, we should see why the karma part of the Vedas is so huge, but the
jnaana part is so small.  If everybody can be given the upanishadic
teachings right from the word go, we would have expected the reverse.  But
in reality it is otherwise.

The Vedas show us the path and the goal as "one set" of educative material.
Having known the goal and the path, only one thing is left to done:



PS:  When the mother has cooked delicious and nutritious food at home, why
go to restaurants and eat food?

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> He was one of the greatest souls of India.  But to get any benefit
> out of the book, it is important to have some clear understanding of
> advaita vedanata.  Then only you can see the beauty that is sprinkled
> in every chapter of that book.

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