Gotram, Sutram, Veda

Rajesh Sarin Rajesh_Sarin at RIL.COM
Fri Nov 8 00:00:10 CST 2002

Gotra is a method of linking ourselves to our ancestors
(pitra) upto the link to particular Rishi from whom our
clan started !

I think in Vishnu Puran it is mentioned that upto the Sapta
Rishis the pro-creation was by thought (Manas Putra)
and they were entrusted the task for populating the mother
earth ! Beyond these Sapta Rishis the creation of offsprings
is through a female and male -- and hence when we offer
prayers, we provide reference about the time, place and by whom
the puja is offered. Gotra provides the link to the Rishi
from whom our vansha started !

I would like to know about the Sutram and Veda !

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