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> Hari Om !!
> --- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
> > However, those translations aren't worth a lot
> > because to actually use the
> > grhyasutras practically you need the prayogas.
> >
> What is meant by 'prayoga' ? I thought the method of
> performing rites, samskaras was the content of these
> Kalpa Sutras.

The necessity of Kalpasutras is because the Shruti does not always go into
coplete detail about vidhis.  So the Rshis wrote smrtis like the
kalpasutras to fill in the gaps.  But even they don't explain everything
so commentators and editors have produced even more detailed works which
synthesize material from other dharmashastras, puranas etc.  Plus
sampradaya and local customs etc. (shistachara) are also a pillar of
Dharma.  For instance everyone does tilaka but Vaishnavas do urdhvapundra,
smartas do tripundra etc.  So the average person needs a concise and
practical manual for every day use and that's what the prayogas are.

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