Cause of Creation

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Fri Nov 8 16:43:14 CST 2002

On Fri, 8 Nov 2002 04:40:09 -0800, kuntimaddi sadananda
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>Frankly I never understood or appreciated this concept.  In this
>NarayaNa is not the upaadana kaaraNa - he is only nimitta kaaraNa.

The fact that a Potter is different from clay is clear to us in this
vyAvahara. So is yoga's idea of prakriti different from purushha. I see no
complexity in that idea of dvaita, but only an inherent simplicity.

Every theory of causation has some assumptions to hide the ugly unknowns
and singulatities. Also when compared to vishishhTadvaita's countless
identical atomic jiivaa-s, I find dvaita's idea of gradation of jiiva-s a
perfectly logical position.  And on the contrary it is the notion of
vishishhTaadvaita hard to understand and accept. In many sense, dvaita has
similarities with yoga.

I may be wrong, you are more than welcome to correct me.



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