Indra and Vrtra (fwd)

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 12 13:37:55 CST 2002

Thanks to Shri Jaldhar for clarifying about tra. Doer is most possibly the
meaning, so I don't need the extra logic to justify protection.

(savitR poses some issues. I am not sure if savitR is male or female.  As
savitaH he is male, or sun god. As saavitri she is female. Ai.Br has "savitR
is prasavitR of devas", meaning savitR being a presser (of uterus?)
procreates the devas (even though aditi is the mother). savan is pressing.
soma is also pressed with a process of savana. savitR may be associated with
uddiyana bandha or some such bandha, only a female yogin who delivers a baby
can tell us :-) However if is gaaayatri is a protector, saavitri can't be
far behind in protecting so we may have one more tra = protection.
Protecting the new baby by getting it out and not letting it stay in any
longer. Just speculating..)

Best regards

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