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Dear all,

I have read parts of Vedic Physics by Roy PhD. Some
topics are good, but he denies the existence of our
rishis, varna-ashrama, gotra, Agastya and Lopamudra,
Indra and Vritti, and rather tends of allegorise their
meanings.  It has somewhat of an agnostic leaning.
Description of Purusha Sukta is good.

Pranam, Ravi Chandrasekhara
--- Vaidya Sundaram <Vaidya_Sundaram at HOTMAIL.COM>
> namaskaram.
>  I was just referred to a book that would seem to
> completely turn on it's
> head our understanding of world history - atleast to
> me. The book is called
> "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock. I have
> not finished it yet,
> but once I start reading it, it is hard to put down
> again!
> The reason I refer to that here in this thread, is
> because of the reference
> to the discussion of ice ages and the previous
> civilizations. The
> introductory chapters of this book discusses maps
> produced in the medival
> world, which by all recognized standards today are
> authentic. These maps
> (proclaiming be copies of even older maps) clearly
> show in great detail a
> land which had at that time (early 1500's) not yet
> been discovered. That
> land is shown with it's mountains, rivers and other
> features with great
> accuracy of longitude and lattitude. That land mass
> was later discoverd and
> is the present day antartica. What is amazing is
> that these maps show the
> "sub glacial" topography of the region! This is very
> indicative of a period
> when that region of our globe was not under the ice
> caps' but also
> indicative of a culture that had precise map making
> techniques including the
> mathematics to do this. There is a lot more such
> history presented in the
> book - true, one has to take it with a pinch (or
> more!) or salt, but ...
>  All I wish to say here is that one must not jump to
> conclusion that the ice
> ages forming or breaking down are referred to as
> such in the vedas albeit in
> the form of puranic stories of battle between two
> forces of nature ... May
> be it does, but may be it refers to a real event of
> a battle between two
> individuals too!
>  On a tangential note, if you wish to try and
> correlate the vedic statements
> (or some of those) to present day scientific
> analysis, I would also suggest
> a book called Vedic Physics (which I have not
> finished either!:)) - it comes
> highly recommened to me as well ...
> bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
> Vaidya.

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