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Dear friends
It was one of your list administrators, Vaidya Sundaram, who
drew my attention to the advaita - L list. I am already a member
of the advaitin list and have been contributing a little there.
My interest in advaita vedanta must have started when I was five
years old. That was 70 years ago. My father Sri R. Visvanatha
Sastrigal, who was serving in the judicial dept. as a
Sheristadar, and also a contemporary-sishya of the Paramacharya
of Kanchi, used to give Gita bhashya lessons to his friends
right at our home every morning, except on the days when you are
not supposed to do adhyayana. I was probably sitting along with
them and listening. By the time when I was twelve, I had been
instructed by my father in some of the fundamental vedic
recitations. Then  Mathematics took me over. I listened to
several of my father's public Upanyasams during my teen age and
later as a youth. When I was 29 he passed away. By that time my
interest in the philosophy of Sankara had been aroused and the
way I had registered in my mind my father's lectures, as well as
the proicess of assisting him in transcribing his Sanskrit
manuscripts from grantha script into devanagari script, I was,
without knowing it, absorbing something of advaita. And before
he passed away he briefly gave me upadesha to read all
Upanishadic and sutra scripturres by myself and blessed me for a
good understanding.
If at all I have any asset, the above is it.
Since then I have been trying to expand my horizon by learning,
teaching and learning again.
Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara.

praNAms to all spiritual seekers

(V. Krishnamurthy, Former Professor of Mathematics and Dy.
Director, BITS Pilani,Rajasthan, India, now settled in Madras
and shuttling back and forth between India and the U.S. since
three of my four children are in U.S., where I am right now.)

Prof. V. Krishnamurthy
My website on Science and Spirituality is
You can  access my book on Gems from the Ocean of Hindu Thought Vision and Practice,  and my father R. Visvanatha Sastri's manuscripts from the site.

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