what is the minimum?

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Thanks, this is a really interesting reply,
but I wonder if it would be possible to give
a translation of some of the terms used?

I'll point out some of the areas of particular
interest to me among the quoting with some snipping;

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> a. Source of this knowledge is vedAnta. Hence, you have to
> study vedAnta and understand it. Then accept its view point,
> based on your analysis and understanding.

Unguided study of vedanta counts? Reading translated Upanisads etc?

> 3. Can some one claim that they accept advaita vedAnta and
> follow whatever theistic system they do (for attaining chitta
> suddhi)? Yes.
> As long as your religion does not conflict with advaita-vedAnta.
> Most popular ones including christianity and islam do have
> things that object it.

I have studied the Chinese philosophy/religion Taoism and
so far as I can tell, the concepts of Tao and Dharma are
very closely related.

I'd be interested in comments on this connection from other
members of the list!

> Also you should remember that one has to practice vaidika karma
> maarga, if one is not a sannyAsin.

Please translate "vaidika karma maarga"

> ii) One can assume that his status is shuudra or even outcast
> (believe it is a blessing in disguise). Then one has no specific
> karma to follow.

What does "shuudra" mean?

> Life will be simple and quiet. And specifically do not waste
> time on topics such as who is a brahmaNa and who is not?

what is a "brahmaNa"?

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