Cause of Creation

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Hari Om !!

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> > 7. Dwaita has a big problem if there are
> distinctions and gradations
> > in the jiiva-s  even in mukti. The cause of
> suffering is the very
> > gradations and if that persists as intrinsic, one
> may claim that your
> > pot is full but other fellow=92s pot is bigger
> than mine and that very
> > bigger and better than mine is beginning of
> samsaara as we experience
> > everyday.  They use the TU that says - manushya
> ananda is smaller
> >       than deva-s etc.  But that is in the state
> of samsaara.  Once
> > one
> >        realizes that one is pure unqualified
> anannda - there are not
> >     gradations in the ananda itself.
> The TU is not describing the state of samsAra, based
> on your own (quite
> correct) perspective that the merely obvious is not
> the subject of Shruti.

Yes, TU is describing the happiness of a human being
with that of the Devas and Prajapathi and a Brahma
J~nani. If the Upanishad was merely describing only
human ananda, then we can say it is already known to
us. But, at this juncture we do not know how blissful
is 'Brahmananda'. So, sruthi is describing the
manushya ananda (known to us) with deva ananda
etc.(unknown to us).

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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