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There is file in the above location which gives a huge list of stuff
containing animal products. If I am not mistaken, that includes the
silver foil also.  Most common ones in terms of food are: gelatin
(mashed up  bones of pigs and cows) and cheese (many contain rennet,
which is intestine lining of young calfs). But some information in that
file is outdated -- for instance Kraft foods in USA, use a man made
alternative called Rennin for many of their brands (except somethings
such as paramesan). In India, it is prohibited by law to use animal

Also we should be aware of the word "natural flavor" -- the potato
french fries of McDonalds, used beef under the disguise of natural
flavor. I called a potato chips company few weeks ago to find what they
include in natural favor. They told me  that they cannot say for sure
that it does not contain animal product. When in doubt and if you care,
call the company that makes the food and ask them.

Personally -- I try to avoid, if I cannot -- I say a prayer to God
asking for forgiveness. As we do in mAdhyAhnikam  mantra "aapaH punantu
..."  [abhojyam]. A similar mantra also comes in the long snAna
sankalpa which we do not say on days other than upAkArma.


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