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Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 21 23:54:52 CST 2002

Dear Vaidyaji,

Nobody objects to standing like a rock against
difficulties and challenges. But I feel we will be
better off defending ourselves with modern equipment
than depending upon slings and bows and arrows.

Moreover when a mother prepares food for her children
she has in mind the health and appetite of all. So
while the fit child gets the regular food the weak
does not go hungry. He has food specially prepared for

Such is with religion too. While those with a solid
background of rituals and practices are free to do
their duties, those not so lucky need not be
discouraged. God has devised many ways that lead to
Him. This is the inherent strength of Hinduism.

It is not a case of watering down religion. It is like
a feast that everyone can partake of, the high and the
lowly, the rich and the poor. Each according to his

When we talk of advaita vedanta we should remember
that vedanta never speaks of any discrimination. It
never says that this man is fit for God and the other
is not. It says that all are that sat-chit-ananda only
we have to realise it. It lays down certain principles
but it never says that caste/colour/creed/sex becomes
a criteria for following those principles.

Vedanta does not reject but goes beyond the karma
kanda. It is the vedas but it goes beyond it. At no
time is a proper interpretation of vedanta more needed
than now. There is a churning going on and it is only
vedanta, the *universal* religion, that can extract
the amruta.

So let us stop being narrow minded and share this
wonderful religion with one and all. If we deny our
own brothers and sisters from practising the vedantic
principles it will only negate the efforts of our
forefathers who had vision enough to formulate this
wonderful science.


--- Vaidya Sundaram <Vaidya_Sundaram at HOTMAIL.COM>
> > etched in our minds is the example of men and
> women
> > of great inner purity who in their practice of
> dharma
> > stood like a rock against all difficulties and
> challenges.
> If any of us have a doubt whether dharma should be
> watered down, please
> refer above.
> bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
> Vaidya.

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