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I like to know the thoughts of the group on this subject (in item#4. I am
not angry at the proselytizers, for we lend our own people, the Harijans, to
be proselytized.


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Today's Stories:
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2. Lord Ganesha Enters the Digital Art World
3. Cambodia's Teachers Want God Removed from Textbooks
4. Christian Organizations Support Dalits Conversion to Buddhism
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2. Lord Ganesha Enters the Digital Art World
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4. Christian Organizations Support Dalits Conversion to Buddhism

BANGLADESH, INDIA, November 29, 2001: This interesting article is by
Rationalist International, an Indian-based society of nonreligious secular
humanists who believe in a scientific approach to life devoid of theology.
In this article they accuse India's Christian missionaries of orchestrating
the recent conversion of Dalits, or "untouchables," not to Christianity, but
to Buddhism. The hidden agenda, believes Rationalist International, is to
make mass conversion acceptable to the Government and the media. Conversion
to Buddhism provides the necessary method, because under Indian law Buddhism
is regarded as a part of Hinduism, and conversion from Hinduism to Buddhism
does not set off any legal sanctions or even much concern. The Christians
reason that once a number of these conversions to Buddhism take place, then
mass conversion will be acceptable to Christianity also. In reports seen by
HPI, Christian organizations have reported these conversions ceremonies to
supporters in the West as including both conversions to Buddhism and
Christianity, but in fact, only conversion to Buddhism occurred -- so far.
Even so, the existence of these other reports shows the Christian hand in
the event. Christian evangelists hope that they can convert all of India's
Dalit -- some 200 million people. Part of their plan, enacted in the latest
edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, is to separate out the Dalits
as of "tribal" faith and not as part of Hinduism. In the New Delhi
conversion ceremony, the Rationalist's report states, thousands denounced
all Hindu Gods and rituals, the belief in reincarnation, and raised their
hands in agreement to become Buddhist. Official organizers of the Delhi
meeting was the "All India Conference of Scheduled Castes and Tribes," an
umbrella organization of government employees with a membership of more than
three million. However, behind the scenes the financier of the event was the
All-India Christian Council (AICC), an outgrowth of the Evangelical Church,
which comprises neo-Protestant "born-again" and missionary organizations and
is dominated by Baptists and Pentecostals. When thousands of Hindus are
allowed to become Buddhists, just by repeating some chants and raising their
hands, the AICC has a wedge to open the gates of India for their future
crusades some believe

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