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>How did such a stupid ideas as Buddhism is part of Hinduism ever >become
>part of law?

Millions of Buddhists were killed at Hindukush mountains as "Hindus", so it
is unfair to call them "not Hindus". Or we should rename the mountains as

What belongs to our tradition is decided by the willingness to discuss and
change one's opinion based on the result of discussion. When Sri Sankara and
Sri Mandan Misra discussed, the understanding was, whoever lost would accept
the opinion of the winner. After completion of study every individual is
supreme, and not a slave of a tradition any more. Of course during the study
the student is under protection of guru. In these cases after the student
lost, the student's guru or father ends up taking up the discussion.

Those who refuse to discuss based on the pretext that they lack the ability
to accept defeat in a discussion are not part of our tradition. Guess who.

Many of our internal problems can be resolved if our Acharyas decide to meet
and discuss instead of maintaining their political authorities.

As for conversion, the closest word in our tradition is deeksha. Hindus take
up several deekshas in their life to learn advita, vedas, srividya etc. It
is just an initiation ceremony, unlike a permanent irreversable change in
some religions.

The stories on origins of Buddhism (demons etc) are all part of our
tradition, so created to preserve respect for old tradition (Buddhism) while
rejecting its illogic.

Religions that do not belong to our tradition look for total elimination of
respect for earlier traditions.

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