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Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Nov 27 09:45:40 CST 2002

That sanatana dharma discriminated any one is a misunderstanding due to
confusion between public property and private property, and between public
service and private service.

First of all, in all the stories we read in the scriptures, knowledge was
never denied when it was asked by a student who approached following the
correct procedure. In some cases when it was delayed, the students got
frustrated, then the guru patni requests the guru, or some other birds and
animals used to teach the disciple. At last the guru gets pleased and
completes the teaching. Learning through illegal means is never tolerated,
because anything even learning that has an improper cause will end up as

Secondly taking care of every one is the duty of the king, not the gurus or
guru kulams. The king is responsible for keeping every person, groups of
persons in the society happy, prosperous and educated. This job can not be
taken over by gurus. It is like the pancha tantra story of donkey doing a
dog's job. Fixing the gurus is not the solution. Guru will only teach when
it is time to teach whom it should be taught. Diluting quality control only
results in poor learning.

Things must be fixed where they have to be fixed. If democracy hadn't helped
every one learn what one wants to learn then fix the democracy. Why are
dharma subjects not taught in universities even after temples are plundered
for public works?

Best regards

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