Advaita Vedanta in Indian Schools

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Hari Om !!

On Sun, 29 Sep 2002 18:56:42 -0500, Vaidya Sundaram
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>please see above. vedanta is only tangentially going to help you "deal"
>"stuff"; vedanta will tell you to abandon the pursuit of money. You simply
>choose to ignore that part of it. If you got into vedantic studies for the
>solutions, why do you ignore this aspect of vedanta?
>OK - it is a fair question to ask why I am in this for? well, I am in this
>to learn where the road I have taken will lead me. The firm grounding I got
>in the karma kanda from an early age tells me I am on a road. I want to
>where it will take me. And more importantly, what I should really be
>my sights on!

What makes a 'firm ground' in karma kanda ? Does it include
studying 'mImAmsa' granthas or not ? Does one have to perform agnihotra
and/or different periodic 'yagna/yaga' or not ? Is it sufficient to do
daily sandhya (one time or two times or three times) ?

In an earlier thread Sri Jaladhar has mentioned about 'solid background'
(or similar such words) in Vedanta, and has included study of
prasthAnatrayI and other allied books. Surprisingly, he has not mentioned
studying under the guidance of a 'practicing' srotruia Guru as the basis of
this 'solid background'.

Similarly, what is the acceptable source of learning 'karma kanda' ?

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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