NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and SriLanka

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 16 20:16:31 CDT 2002

>Personally, I too have a few apprehensions about the
>theory of finding a bridge through Photographs !
>1     How can one exactly date the exact age of the rock
>      by simply a photograph ?
>      As far as I know, carbon dating and chemical analysis
>      of the material from rocks is needed to determine
>      the age of rocks !
>2     Has anybody reached the rock physically to determine
>      the age of rock ?
>3     If it is only Clouds seen as a bridge in the Astronaut's
>      photos, how can one be so sure about these being
>      'Shoals' and 'age of 1750000 years' !

Although this whole topic is quite outside the scope of this list, here

Points # 1 and 2 are moot. The sandbar connecting India and Sri Lanka is as
old as the landmasses themselves. At high tide, the maximum depth of the
rock under the water is never more than 4 feet. One can literally walk
across the "bridge", except that the area is heavily patrolled by the navies
and coast guards of both countries.

Point #3 above is quite mistaken. The NASA description talks of clouds in
elsewhere in the satellite photograph. It has nothing to do with the
"bridge" per se.

And if we think about it a little, small strips of land connecting two
larger landmasses are quite common on earth. There is the isthmus of Panama
connecting the northern and southern American continents. There is another
strip of land between South America and Antarctica. So, there is no need
either to be totally skeptical of the photographs or to be highly elated
over them! Hope this puts this thread to rest.


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