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Pranam. With regards to puraanic stories, many of them
repeat with variations in the different kalpas (1
kalpa is  a day in the 100 year life span of Lord
Brahma) hence some inconsistencies among the various
puranas.  Apparently Bhagavan Rama and Krishna appear
in each kalpa with possibly some variation.  In our
current Sveta-Varaha Kalpa, Krishna descended at the
end of the 28th Dvapara Yuga and Rama in the 24th
Treta Yuga of our current manvantara (the 7th of our
current Kalpa).  In addition, Devas, Daitas, etc are
actual beings in our creation and have superhuman
powers and "lord" over certain natural phenomenon;
with some events being celestial rather then

Ravi Chandrasekhara MD

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