FW: Swami Tattvavidananda talks in San Francisco Bay area

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Subject: Swami Tattvavidananda talks in San Francisco Bay area

Hello friends,

As announced in Saylorsburg during the 2-week class, Swami Tattvavidananda
will be visiting the San Francisco Bay area for a series of 5 talks. The
details have now been worked out, and are as follows:

The topic will be "Inner growth through Bhagvatam (Dattatreya Gita)". We
have about 100 verses ready to be printed as part of a 32-page Event
Souvenir that will be given to each participant. Swamiji is very fond of
this text, wherein he teaches Vedanta with a particular emphasis on bhakti.
As you can tell, this will provide quite a thorough introduction to
newcomers as well as experienced people.

We have secured a very good hall for these talks. It is in Jain Brawan in
Milpitas, a very central location for people from Fremont, San Jose, Santa
Clara, Sunnyvale etc.

Attached is a MS Word file containing the flyer for the talks. Please
forward it to as many people that you care about that live in this area. If
they have any difficulty in printing, they can always contact my email
address (vijaykapoor108 at yahoo.com) or on 650-949-5522. [Attachments cannot
be posted in list, so please contact using email or phone]

This is a great opportunity to introduce this sacred subject matter to your
friends and relatives.

Thank you, and OM.

Vijay Kapoor

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