Brahma Sutra Baashyam of Srikantha Sivaachaarya

venkata subramanian venkat_advaita at REDIFFMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 1 11:07:36 CST 2003

dear sir

as far as i have heard, Sri Kanta Acharya and Appaiya Dikshita
both were Saivas.,.but DID NOT BELONG TO THE Saiva Sidhanta that
started in Tamil Nadu specially by sri maikanta sivam etc.

they both were Sivaadvaitins.... advaita in shivism,  which the
Saiva Sidhanta School in Tamil nadu DOES NOT ACCEPT.
Saiva sidhanta of Tamil nadu is SHAIVA VISISHTADVAITINS .


On Tue, 01 Apr 2003 nanda chandran wrote :
>>Was this bhashya from Siddhanta or Vira Shaiva point of view?
>>I'm not
>"Veera Shaivism" was more a "caste reform" movement though
>ofcourse they
>have their specific texts, rituals etc - it is mainly restricted
>But Saiva Siddhaanta is a highly spiritual siddhaanta and has its
>origins in
>TamilNadu. Srikantha belonged to this stream as did Appaya.
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