New member introduction: Kashyap Yellai

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Wed Apr 2 23:25:19 CST 2003

I am Kashyap Yellai and I am currently doing Ph.D in physics in Auburn
University,AL. I stumbled across this site while searching for information
on the english translation of Vivekachudamani.  Well, to tell you about my
interest in Vedanta, it started with the study of quantum mechanics. The
urge to understand the microworld led me to Sankhya philosophy. Me, being
naive in the Hindhu philosophy school of thoughts was shocked by the
similarities in the reasoning of the Sankhya and Quantum Mechanics. I
first heard the names Sankhya and Vedanta in the Complete Works of Swami
Vivekananda. Apart from few lectures by Swami, I could not find and any
credible sources about the doctrines of Sankhya and Vedanta.  By being a
part of this mailing list, I think I will be able to know a few good
authentic sources to read and understand the real Vedanta , which I think
is final ideal in anyone's life. Looking forward to communicate with you
all. With Best Regards,

Kashyap Yellai.

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