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I ve been reading your mails on Vivekacudamani for past few days.
Ive been also looking for a very good translation with commentry on the
original work of Sankaracharya's Vivekacudamani. Could pass me the information
on the authentic translation works by good commentators.

Quoting nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM>:

> 329. He who is free even in this body, he is free without a body also. He
> who cannot make himself free in this body – how can he be free when there
> is
> no body? So try to be free in this body itself.
> 333. So one who wants liberation must give up following after what is false
> – the cause of all bondage and must live in that eternal self knowing that
> as his own self; because to stay in Brahman makes one blissful and takes
> away the ignorance which is the cause of all pain and sorrow.
> 334. Therefore do not take much notice of external things because they
> increase desires that lead on and on to bondage. There know by
> discrimination what is the world. Give up the external and seek the real
> self always.
> 336. Who is such a child that shall follow after unreal things (even while
> knowing what is real and unreal and being well versed in the scriptures) to
> bring his own fall? No one desirous of liberation can do this.
> 337. There is no liberation for one who is attached to his body. One who
> cannot sleep cannot have wakefulness and he who is awake can have no sleep,
> because these actions (wakefulness and sleep) are contradictory.
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