new member introduction: B. Shankar

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Wed Apr 9 08:46:17 CDT 2003


My name is B. Shankar. I am married with two children. I was educated in
England, where I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies (in a
variety of social sciences) - many years ago!

I am originally from Kerala. One side of my ancestry is firmly rooted in
(Dwaita) Vaishnavite traditions and the other side in Saivite principles of
worship. I have wide interests in Hindu spiritual matters  - from Jyotisya to
Hindu metaphysics - though I should stress that I do not claim any
resemblance to expertise in any specific area!

Over the last few years I have gained some basic understanding of Advaita and
I now seek to progress beyond the superficial. My sanchita karma is such that
I have not had the blessing of formalised teaching or initiation from a Guru.
 I have therefore used whatever skills I have honed from empirical studies as
a means to absorb wisdom from all the other sources at my disposal.
As such my hope in joining this group is that I can learn from some of the
vastly more intuitively learned members and perhaps contribute to debates
where my limited skills warrant such a presumption.



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