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Some traditional sources put Buddha at around 1800 BC
and Adi Shankara around 500 BC.

Ravi Chandrasekhara

--- "B. Shankar" <ShankarPll at AOL.COM> wrote:
> Namaste,
> I have been reading from the archives the posts with
> regards to the
> comparison of Madhaymika and Advaita and the
> antiquity of Advaita.
> I did have a question with regards to the antiquity
> in light of the
> following from the Sri Kanchi Kamokoti Peetham
> web-site.
> If I may quote the following from the Sri Kanchi
> Kamokoti Peetham web-site:
> “More than 2500 years ago, an avalanche of heretic
> and non-Vedic sects,
> with horrible religious practices threatened to wipe
> away the ancient Veda-
> Dharma. In the Bhagavad Geeta, Lord Krishna has told
> Arjuna that, whenever
> there arises danger to Dharma, He (Krishna) will
> incarnate in this world to
> eradicate adharma and re-establish Dharma. In
> consonance with his words,
> the Lord has made partial incarnations during the
> course of the present
> Kali Age. And such an incarnation is the partial
> incarnation of Siva as
> Sankara Bhagavatpada, which happened some
> twenty-five centuries ago, on the
> prayer of celestials to Lord Siva to redeem
> Bharata-desa from the clutches
> of non-Vedic heretic sects. Several sources of
> authentic information lead
> to the conclusion that Sri Adi Sankara was born at
> Kaladi on the fifth day
> of the bright fortnight of the Vaisaka month of the
> cyclic year Nandana in
> cyclic year Nandana - Kali 2593 corresponding to 509
> B.C.” Sri Kanchi
> Kamokoti Peetham
> My understanding was that Buddha lived between 560
> and 480 BCE and that
> Nagarjuna lived between the 1st and 2nd centuries
> CE. If these dates are
> correct then this would mean that Sri Adi
> Shankaracharya and Buddha lived
> around the same time.  In fact Buddha would have
> been around 50 when Sri
> Shankaracharya was born.  This would suggest that it
> is possible that Sri
> Gaudapada predates Buddha.
> I request your insights into this – as I am somewhat
> confused.
> Kind Regards,
> Shankar

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