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Thank you for your reverential response. I am Abhiraj
Kulkarni, 23 years old. A post graduate law student
and an arduoud believer in the Vaidc Parampara. I am a
follower of the Guru Shishya tradition and my Guru is
closely knitted with Shankaracharya philosophy. My
Guru throughout his lifetime promoted the Vedantic
culture and has established a Vedant Nagar, a school
for traning disciples in Vedas and for Promotion of

I believe in Advaita concept and my motto is " Aaham
Brahmashmi " MY love for vedas is ont only founded on
my unconditional seva towards my Guru but also a
inspiration form my Profession. Being a lawyer i am
trying to research the "Vedantic effect" on the legal
system and its various ramifications on pshychological
behaviour. Inspite of all the so called modernisations
today the entire system still derives the best of its
legislations on the Vedantic Principles and this is
not just a case in India but the international sphere
is also very influenced by it. No doubt religion and
morality are confused but it is only the Vedantic
approach that clearly explicated the congruence as
well as the tangential nature of law and morality. The
sutras, shastras, upanishads are all ofextreme
importance and are ageless, timeless magnum pous of
the entire human civilization.

I graduated form Ils law college poona and doing
masters in law and wish to pursue a PhD in law.
Besides i also practise in Bombay high court and am
based in Bombay. Though new to the profession i have
in a short span of time concluded the inevitable need
of a synchronisation and acknowledgement of VEdantic
principles in the legal system.

I wish to pursue my Guru's selfless aspiration to
promote Vedas and forgetting my ambitions i would
render myself towards the Vedantic service. Besides my
family is highly religious and firm beliver of Vedas,
though ofcourse all of us accept that we still lack
knowledge about Vedas and all our lifetime .. the
pursuit is towards understanding "IT"

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Abhiraj S. Kulkarni

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