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kalyan chakravarthy kalyan_kc at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 22 09:49:52 CDT 2003


>The Swamijis heart is obviously in the right place but his defence is
>(IMO) lacking.  He is trying to have it both ways.  He wants to tell
>modern people "yes I know these things are obsolete but tolerate them
>and he wants to tell the traditionalists "One can still respect these
>things even while ignoring them."  Such an outlook would reduce its
>to keepers of a dusty museum, not participants in a vital and spiritual

Actually this is happening because many of the swamijis want to market
vedanta to a western/westernized audience. But I feel, why bother about the
west? If they(westerners) want to love/hate/learn vedanta that is their
problem. Why should anyone try to market vedanta in the west?

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