Creation theories (was Re: What is the exact meaning/significance of this?)

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at AMBAA.ORG
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In the non-dual state, there is not even a memory of duality. Hence, the
question of creation does not arise. Hence, ajati vaada. Creation,
preservation and destruction, is only in the state of avidya. Non-dual state
not only implies the absence of duality, but also the absence of any
remembrance or even idea about it. For who asks that question?

To give a crude example, what existed before big bang has no observational
effect or any trace of it after the big bang. Hence in physics, it is good
to take creation started at big bang. Similarly, at the dawn of realization,
all the trace of duality of vanishes and question of creation has no bearing
in that state. In that state, there is no past or future and nor is time and

My 2c.


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> . ajAtivAda goes a step further and points out that there
> > is no
> > creation of things whatsoever. What exists always exists. What does
> > not
> > exist never exists.
> Vidya -
> How does the ajaatavAda  account the existence of pot  now and its
> absence before or after. If it accounts as apparent but not real then in
> what way the vAda differs from any other advaitic theory of creation -
> where the creator is defined by yatova imaani ....
> Hari OM!
> Sadananda

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