Creation theories (was Re: What is the exact meaning/significance of this?)

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 24 19:47:21 CDT 2003

>How does the ajaatavAda  account the existence of pot  now and its
>absence before or after. If it accounts as apparent but not real then in

Well, it doesn't. "ajaatasyaiva bhaavasya jaatimichchhanti vaadinaH" In the
case of a pot, the material of the pot was not non-existent before, and will
not be non-existent after. The space enclosed in the pot remains unchanged
throughout. What has happened is that we have given the name "pot" to a
shape, that is all. And although a particular pot may acquire its "potness"
at one instant of time, and lose its "potness" at another instant of time,
the concept of "potness" itself has not been created anew nor destroyed.

>what way the vAda differs from any other advaitic theory of creation -
>where the creator is defined by yatova imaani ....

Gaudapada has an answer for this too, after mentioning a whole list of
creation ideas - "devasyaishha svabhaavo 'yam aaptakaamasya kaa sp.rhaa"


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